Vegansexuality: a new trend of the 21st century

Increasingly, the environmental trend is causing people to start giving their preference to a vegan diet. Contrary to what you might think, however, studies show that this trend is not just about eating but about another lifestyle that affects all areas of life, including relationships. Learn more.The changes that are taking place in the world are quite evident, and in the face of media narratives, environmental awareness could not fail to cause mutations in our societies. When combined with the trend towards fitness and body culture, it was evident that this concern for a sustainable world would eventually change, too, the way your human being feeds himself.Despite being omnivorous at its root, human beings are today beginning to opt more and more for one, cutting all kinds of animal products from their food routine.People who do this - known as vegans - also adopt other life postures that follow the same line of thought, namely in relation to their forms of consumption, where they refuse products of animal origin and also in their relationships.Some international data have proven that a new trend is emerging in terms of human relationships, known as vegansexuality.

Come discover what this new concept consists of and understand the reasons that make it emerge in our days.

Vegansexuals: what is this trend?

If you have never heard of vegansexuality, you probably do not relate to someone who follows this ideology of life.A vegansexual is a person who refuses any kind of love or sexual interaction with someone who consumes products of animal origin.Believing that their way of looking at the environment and the natural world is the right one, these people consider that they would be unable to maintain a relationship with someone who consumes these products, as this would be an indicator that their look at the world is very different. Furthermore, for many vegans, eating animal products is in itself a violent act, which creates revulsion for this behaviour. Although it is now applied to vegans, the tendency to choose partners based on life choices is not new, and previously there were other examples, such as anti-smoking people who refused to relate intimately to smokers. After analyzing a sample of 157


, most of whom were women, this researcher concluded that 63% would refuse to become intimately involved with someone who did not have a concern for the environment and animals that generated the refusal of food of animal origin.This trend may have grown since the study was conducted, as international figures indicate that there has been an increase in the number of people excluding animal food products from their diet.

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