Increase your leads to get more sales

Any employee of a inbound marketing dreams of getting as many leads as possible for their clients. This way, sales increase exponentially because they guarantee a larger audience close to the conversion process. However, when it happens that marketing and sales strategies are not synchronized, having a greater number of leads is not always reflected in the number of transactions made. This is especially true in the B2B arena, which requires longer and more complicated cycles.

This is why it requires elaborate call to action to encourage them to know more and even to buy the product. A good example of this is the product video for Elebia's big bag, although there are many others that should also be looked at: the messages must always be about the needs expressed by the user and must provide information that encourages and justifies their decision to buy the product. In fact, it is important to attack those who are close to making the purchase but have not yet made up their mind. In this sense, the information provided must refute their objections and must motivate and excite them, but how do you know that a lead is ready to be sold? The answer lies in its scoring, that is, in a score that is the result of analyzing the similarities and differences with another lead that has already made the purchase.

In general, this value is measured by marketing automation tools, which take into account parameters such as the number of page views, downloaded content, requests for offers or clicks on calls to action, for example. Therefore, to achieve this, it is essential to work conscientiously in the production of web content and increase traffic, among many other elements. In short, the work aimed at obtaining qualified leads that affect an increase in sales volume is not simple, but undoubtedly the only possible formula for inbound marketing strategies to work.

Scarlett Taylor
Scarlett Taylor

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